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 ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...

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PostSubject: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:03 pm

i'am posting my fanfic here..hope you like it..



the garewal family is situated in shimla . the family is headed by chetan
garewal { played by cg of kth } , chetan's wife is veena garewal who is
a very loving and caring mother { typical kth types }.
chetan and veena have 4 sons and a daughter .
eldest son is our sweetheart sujal { played by rajeev } he is abt 26
yrs of age , swayam is the second son { he is a very positive character
} he is 24 yrs of age , rishi is the third son { he is very sportive
and friendly } he is 21yrs of age , the youngest of the sons is shlok {
he is a very big flirt ,but good at heart } he is 20yrs of age . now
coming to the only beti of the garewal house being the only beti she is
the pyarri - dulari of the house . she is 18 years of age she is
pampered by all her brothers .she is sneha……. the garewals r very big
business people in shimla . chetan's best friend was lalit . lalit and
his wife die in a accident . they have 4 sons . akshat , piyush , aman
and varun . akshat is sujal's age and is his best friend , aman and
varun r two nice guys who hang around with rishi & shlok . the only
odd man out is piyush , he does not like the garewals , he wants to
destroy them but he always has a fake nautanki smile on his face .
nobody knows abt piyush's intentions.
sujal has a best friend pratham . sujal looks after the business.

oberoi family r very big business tycoons in the U.S.A . it is headed
by sumeet oberoi { played by sumeet ahuja of remix } , his wife is
sonia oberoi { played by sonia ray of remix } , they have 5 daughters .
kashish is the eldest she helps her father in managing the business ,
archie , gauri , charu , mehak r the other daughters of the oberoi's .
the sisters have a wonderful bond between them . the sisters have never
been to INDIA before . the oberoi's know the garewal family very well
but the children have not met even once . only the elders know each
other becoz sumeet & sonia stayed in shimla and were very good
friends of chetan and veena before they moved to U.S.A .
there r some more characters whom i'll be introducing later on ..
i hope u people liked my introduction . sorry guys if have used the
same names can't think of any other names .
this story is about the phases in life one has to face
life is a bed of roses and sometimes is a high tide wave . so this
story will deal with how people of different personality come together
to lead a life & deal with their situations .
well i hope u all like the introduction keeping my fingers crossed .
take care

Very Happy

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Age: 28
Location: Hyderabad,India.

PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:06 pm



it is 7 in the morning in Shimla . mostly all the people in shimla are asleep , becoz the mornings in shimla is very cold . in the garewal mansion veena is awake .she enters a room and then
veena:- utto beta
son :- maa bas 10 minute aur .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
veena:- beta 7 baj gaye hain office ke liye tayar nahi hona hain kya ??
son:- kya 7 baj gaye , mujhe tho ajj office jaldi jana tha..........
{ saying all this the son uncovers the bedsheet from his face & sits on the bed with a jerk }
veena :- sujal raath ko der thak kam karoge tho aisa hi hoga. mujhe lagtha hain tumhe ab shaddi kar leni chahiye ??
sujal :- mom shaddi aur mein
veena:- kyun tum insaan nahi ho kya ??
sujal :- aisi koi baat nahi mom , lekin shaddi usse karni chahiye jo hum se pyar kare aur ab thak SUJAL GAREWAL ko aisi ladki nahi mili hain.........
veena:-tujhe ladki nahi mili tu tho subah shaam office office kartha rehtha hain tho phir tujhe ladki kahan se milegi..........
sujal:- maaa
veena:-achcha tujhse bahas karna bekar hai main ab chalthi hoon tu tayar ho ja thik hain .
{ veena leaves the room }
sujal goes and stands by the window & starts dreaming about his dream girl . in his imagination he sees a girl wearing a white beautiful sari , but he does not see the face . sujal suddenly looks at the clock and realizes that he has a meeting to attend at 9 so he rushes to get ready .
now coming to the other brothers
there is room which is full of posters & that is rishi , shlok , aman and varun room . they r all getting ready to go to different places .shlok to college , varun , rishi & aman to the office . swayam is sitting in the study and going through some details .
{ lalit's sons aman , varun , akshat & piyush stay with the garewals after losing their family }
everbody comes to the dining table to have there breakfast .piyush is a lazy bug so he is still asleep .
chetan :- morning everbody
all say good mornning & then sit for the break fast .
rishi starts teasing sneha regarding some competition
sneha :- BIG B ye dekho ye bhai mera mazak bana raha hain..........
sujal :- kido kyun pareshan kar rahe ho gudiya ko ??
rishi :- kya BIG B app tho hamesha iski tarafdari karthe ho .aur waise BIG B ye app ko kis angle se gudiya dikthi hain ??
rishi runs & sneha runs behind him .
veena enters & says beta ye akshat kab wapas aa raha hain .
sujal :- maa bas ek mahine ke ander aajayega { actually akshat is aboard & has competed his law practice }
sujal :- thik hain main chaltha hoon . der ho rahi hain .
shlok & sneha together say BIG B plz humme college chod dijiyena , hummari gadi garage mein hain ??
sujal agrees & leaves with them . then one by one all leave . & veena is alone.
suddenly the phone rings veena picks it up . veena recognizes the voice as
sonia oberoi's voice .
veena :- kaisi ho sonia ??
sonia :- bilkul theek hoon. aur tum ?
veena:- mein bhi theek hoon .
sonia:- mujhe tumse ek favour chahiye wo actually meri badi beti kashish INDIA aa rahi hain koi kaam ke silsilay mein, wo shimla mein rahegi tho mein chahthi hoon ki tum uske liye ek hotel room book kar do .
at this veena interupts and says :- kya hotel main kyun wo hamari bhi tho beti hain na . ab koi baat nahi sunugi wo hamare saath rahege bus...............
sonia:- ok { she says bye and cuts the phone }
now IN U.S.A:-
sonia goes out and calls a girl who is playing basket ball in the garden.
sonia:- kashishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , ab ander aajao . kashish comes running .
kashish:- kya mom , kya hua ??
sonia :- kashish tum ek ladki ki jaise kab pesh aaogi .
kashish:- mom it is cool .
sonia:- tum aur tumhara cool . achcha suno tumhe garewal mansion mein rehna hoga , ab yeh nahi kehna ki tum nahi rukogi ?? samjhi.....
kashish:- yes mom .
just then all the other sisters enter
sonia :- tum log utgaye.
{sumeet enters }
sumeet:- kya ho raha hain bhai ??
sonia:-ye meri paanch betiyan jo ek dusre se itni alag hain bhagwan bachchaye un becharo ko jo in logon se shaadi karega .
all the sisters together shout mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... ..
sonia:- aur nahi tho kya ye dekho ye archie jo hamesha apni computer ke samne rehthi hain , yeh mehak jo ek padaku hain , ye gauri jo ek chasmis aur hamesha chup rehthi hain{ 2nd kutumb's look } , ye charu jo ek sport lover hain aur in sab se badi ye kashish jo hamesha business par dhyan dethi hain aur ladko ki jaisa bartav karthi hain . { basically kashish is a TOM BOY . she always wears a jeans & a shirt with a high tied pony . kashish does not wear any other ornament like earing etc }.
sonia continues talking
tum log kisise mat kehna ki tum U.S.A mein pale-bade ho .koi vishwaas nahi karega .
all giggle and then kashish talks to her father about some business deal and then goes to do her packing to leave for INDIA .
here in INDIA all the garewal family members return home and r sitting in the hall
chit-chatting . veena tells everybody that oberoi's elder daughter "KASHISH OBEROI " is coming to stay with them for some days .she also tells them that she is coming there for some business deal & sujal should help her in that business deal . she tells sujal that he has to pick her up after 2 days from the airport .
sujal agrees & all retire to their rooms as all r tired .

well here ends the 1st part . i hope u all liked it .


IN U.S.A :-

is bidding good bye to all her family members . sonia starts
instructing kashish as to wat she should do and what she should'nt do .
kashish starts repeating wat all her mother is telling , because sonia
had been telling kashish wat to do and wat not to do for the past 2
days . it's something like sonia telling apna khayal rakna , khana time
par ka lena , office ka kaam bohat nahi karna & all other stuff
like that { a daughter & mother talk }. the flight is announced and
kashish goes in . kashish in the flight starts reading a magzine and
then goes off to sleep as it is a long flight .
sujal is in his office , he suddenly gets a phone call
sujal :- hello
veena:- sujal kaha tha mein tab se phone kar rahi thi
sujal :- wo mama mein kuch files dekh raha tha........
veena:- achcha vo sab chod tujhe yaad hain na ki tujhe ajj sham ko kashish ko laane ke liye airport jana hain ???
sujal:- haan ma , mein chala jauga......
veena:-theek hain phir sham ko milthe hain.......
sujal:- bye mama..........................
now sujal gets busy with his work .....................
the college shlok is sitting with some of his friends . shlok & his
friends were ragging the new students who have come to the college { it
is the opening days of their college } . suddenly diya { a new
character } comes to shlok . diya and shlok r best friends . diya is
pratham { sujal's best friends }sister . diya and shlok r very popular
in their college .
now in sujal's cabin
rishi and swayam enter and tell sujal that there is something urgent to be discussed .
sujal :- kya hua itine pareshan kyun lag rahe ho ??
rishi:- BIG B , wo accounts mein kuch gadbadi hain..........
sujal:- kya , yeh kya keh rahe ho...............
swayam:- BIG B rishi theek keh raha hain . appko agar vishwaas nahi hota tho app ye file dekh ligiye .
puts the file on the table and sujal checks it . sujal finds that a
amount of 2 crocres is missing from the garewal enterprises account .
sujal calls mr . sharma the cheif accountant . mr. sharma is found
guilty and sujal sacks him from the job . sujal is in a very irritated
state because a honest employee had { mr . sharma } cheated them ,just
for some money .
after some time
sujal looks at the clock and
he sees that the time is 5 in the evening , so he decides to leave for
the airport . he is still in the irritated mood . he reaches the
airport and is looking for kashish . kashish comes and asks sujal
kashish:- ru from the garewal family ???
sujal:- yes, i'am the eldest son of the garewal family SUJAL GAREWAL...........
kashish:- ok hi i'am KASHISH OBEROI
is suprised to hear that she is kashish becoz , sujal expected some
modern babe to land in as kashish oberoi , but the girl in fornt of him
was a typical tom boy ......
then they came to the car and got in............
kashish being a very friendly person started talking to sujal
kashish:- well maine app ke bare mein bohat kuch suna hain , ap ne itni choti se umer mein hi bohut kuch paa liya
sujal is not listening wat all she is talking , he is thinking abt mr.sharma .
kashish:- mr . garewal
sujal:- haan , kya keh rahi thi app
kashish:- iska matlab tabse mein hi bake jaa rahi thi , aur appne kuch nahi suna {she makes a sad face }
sujal:- { sujal is very frustrated} actually mein ajnabeeyonnnnn se baat nahi krata.
kashish is shocked to hear that & the rest of the drive both are quite
sujal reaches home . kashish gets down & walks in with sujal . veena & chetan are waiting for them in the hall .
veena:- aa gaye tum log
sujal:- haan mama
namaste aunty , telling this kashish touches veena's feet . sujal ,
veena and chetan are suprised that staying in U.S.A she has not
forgotten her sanskar .
veena:- kashish beta upar jaakar aaram karo
kashish:- ji aunty
veena:-sujal jao aur kashish ko uska kamra dikhkao.
sujal and kashish leave from there . sujal shows kashish her room & without telling anything he leaves from there .
is in her room and is thinking about sujal's behaviour . she thinks
that sujal bohat hi rude hain . pata nahi log use kaise bardasht karte
hain. thank God mujhe yahan par sirf 1 mahine ke liye rukna hain .
is in his room repenting for what he told kashish in the car . he
thinks that he will apoligize to kashish later . now he thinks that ye
kaisi ladki hain ,is se dekhkar koi nahi kehyaga ki ya U.S.A se aayi
hain . sujal starts thinking about kashish even though he wants to
divert his attention .
the same case is with kashish in her room she is unable to fogert sujal's rude behaviour . then she goes to get fresh .
veena calls kashish down , all the brothers and sneha are sitting in the hall and doing masti .
kashish comes down .
sees sujal playing with rishi & teasing sneha . she is deep in
thoughts that is he they same person who talked to her so rudely . she
is deep in her thoughts when veena comes
veena:- aao kashish beta . hamare saath baito .
kashish:- ji aunty .
now everybody introduces themselves to kashish . kashish is happy to see a family which has a very good bond .
swayam:- kashish tum yahan kis deal ke silsilay mein ayi ho
kashish:- mein vo mr.gupta ke deal ke liye aayi hoon . pata nahi kya hoga .
rishi:- jab hum sab hain tumhare saath , tho tumhe kya fhikar .
all smile
veena:- ab office ka kaam chodo , chalo saab khana ko lo.
all go to the dining table . all finish their dinner and it is time for desert .
veena serves gajar ka halwa . kashish's face glows when she sees the desert .
veena sees this and tells kashish , kashish tumhe gajar ka halwa bohat pasand hain.
kashish smiles & nods her head .
now rishi tells
rishi:-aap aur BIG B kitna milthe ho ek doosre se . kyunki BIG B ko bho gajar ka halwa bohat pasand hain .
sujal & kashish look at each other and then the thoda sa music is played in the background .
all leave for their rooms .
sujal goes to kashish's room
kashish:- app yahaan
sujal:-{ sujal hesitates and then says } hain mein wo actually , appse sorry kehne aaya tha meri behaviour ke liye .
kashish:- it's ok .
sujal:- nahi actually maine kisi aur ka furstration app par nikal diya .
sujal:- it's ok mr. garewal , mein samaj sakthi hoon .itna bada business empire chalana koi aasan baat nahi .
sujal:- thanku
sujal is abt to leave when he suddenly turns back and says :- friends { in typical sujal style }
both shake hands . & then sujal says ajj se app mujhe sujal bulana
mr.garewal nahi ,bohat ajeeb lagtha hain.
kashish:- theek hain lakin ek shart par app mujhe tum , aur kashish kehayge.
sujal:- ok done and then both smile .
sujal tells kashish that if she wants she can join him in the office 2mmorrow , he also tells that he would leave at 9 .
sujal:- gud night , sweet dreams
kashish:- gud night . same to u
sujal leaves
sujal is on his bed is thinking abt kashish and here kashish is on her bed thinking abt sujal .
the song in the babkgroung :-
" ye achchanak kya hua hain
dil ko ye kya hone laga ......
yaad kisiki aane lagi hain
jaan jaane lagi hain
thoda sa pyar hua hain
thoda hain baki...................... "
both sujal and kashish go to sleep thinking about each other .
ends the 2nd part. hey guyz please tell me if this part was too long or
too draggy . please let me know if u have any suggestions or complaints
. thanku very much................


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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:11 pm


day morning at the breakfast table . kashish is helping veena in
setting up the breakfast table . sujal is getting down the stairs &
is very suprised to see kashish doing house hold work . he is still in
his thoughts . when veena notices him .
veena:- sujal aao aur nashtha kar lo
sujal is still looking at kashish
veena:- sujallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll { veena goes and shakes him } , kahan khoya hua hain .
sujal:- nahi mumma wohhh...............kuch nahi
veena:- achcha chal nashtha kar le . kashish kab se intezar kar rahi hain tera .
sujal:- good morning kashish
kashish:- good morning
sujal :- mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum itni punctual ho .
kashish:- it's ok .
both kashish and sujal start discussing about business
veena interupts and says
veena:- chalo ab dono nhastha kar lo office ki baatein baad mein karna .
veena serves the breakfast & sujal - kashish start eating .
suddenly the phone rings . veena goes and picks it up .
veena:- hello
the other person :- hello , kya mein kashish di se baat kar sakthi hoon .
veena:- haan .
goes to kashish and hands over the phone to her . kashish is confused
as to who is calling her . veena understands this and says that pata
nahi kaun hain kashish ke liye pooch rahi the .
kashish :- hello , kaun bol raha hain
the other person :- hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
kashish is very happy realizing that it is a call from her sisters .
becoz kashish is eating veena asks her to put the phone on the speaker .
now the phone is put on the speaker..........
kashish:- charuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuu , kaise ho tum log .
charu:-hum sab theek hain di , appko bohut miss kar rahe hain .
sujal sees the happiness on kashish's face .
kashish:- achcha mehak , gauri , archie kahan hain
all the sisters shout together hi diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
then gauri & archie discuss something about business & then kashish puts the phone down .
kashish stops eating and leaves the place . veena and sujal see that kashish has tears in her eyes .
sujal wonders that the girl who was so happy talking to her sisters suddenly has started crying .
sujal asks :- ise kya hua , abhi tho itni khush thi .
veena:- use ghar ki yaad aayi hain .
sujal:-theek hain main chaltha hoon
veena:- theek hain , par suno kashish ke saath lunch pe kuch kha lena , kyunki usne abhi nhastha theek se nahi kiya .
sujal :- theek hain mumma
sujal leaves
kashish is in the garden sujal tells her that they will have to leave now .
both get into the car .
sujal starts driving . he is sees that kashish is very quite . he puts on the music to change her mood .
the song played :-

NA WO SAMAJ SAKE NA HUM.................

hearing to the song kashish smiles .

kashish:- mujhe purane gaane aur soft misic bohat pasand hain .
sujal says :- isi bahane tumhare chehera par hasi to aayi .
sujal in his mind rishi sahi keh raha tha humari pasand khaffi milthi hain .
sujal reaches the offices . he takes kashish inside . and then introduces kashish to everbody .
sujal takes kashish to his cabin .
realizes that he has a conference meeting to attend . he tells kashish
to wait there . he says that he will be back in half an hour .
sujal leaves.
kashish takes a magzine and starts reading . 20 min have gone by .
suddenly some one enters the cabin searching for sujal .
sees that sujal is not around and notices kashish . he thinks that
kashish must be a employee and starts scloding her . the person is
piyush .......
piyush:- tumhe sharam nahi aati , salary tho achcha -khasa le the ho par kaam nahi kathe .
kashish:- par mein
piyush interupts and says :-it's ok . agar tumhe koi kaam nahi tho mera saath coffee pena chalogi .
kashish realizes that he is trying to flirt with her . she is very irritated .
kashish:- mr i don't know who u are & please mind your own business .
are vaah pehali baat tum yahan ki employee ho kar kaam nahi kar rahi
ho, aur dusari baat tumhari himmat kaise hui apne boss se is tarah baat
karne ki ?
kashish can't stand it any more . she is walking towards the door . when sujal comes in . sujal sees kashish .
sujal:- kahan ja rahi ho kashish
kashish:- sujal wo mein
piyush :- sujal kaise employees hain yahaan par , inhe tho apne maalik ka koi lihaz nahi hain .
sujal is confused . kashish looks at sujal and sujal understands what might have happened there .
piyush ye tu kya keh raha hain . ye kashish oberoi hain . sumeet oberoi
ki beti . hamare saath humare ghar per reh rahi hainn . lekin tu inse
nahi mila na .
piyush is shocked .
sujal:- kashish ye piyush hain lalit uncle ka beta . tum varun aur aman se mili ho na ye unka bada bhai hain .
kashish:- ok
piyush says sorry . but kashish is in no mood to talk to him . piyush leaves the place .
sujal:- tum theek ho na
kashish:- haan
suddenly the pune walks in with food .
sujal:- haan , yahan pe rak do .
kashish:- sujal ye sab kya hain ?
sujal:- wo kya hain na tum ne subah theek se nhastha nahi kiya na . is liye
kashish gives him a smiles & then both start eating .
eating kashish wants to take the curry & even sujal wants to do the
same both their hands collide while trying to take the curry . sujal
& kashish look at each other and both are lost into each others
eyes .
thoda sa music played in the back ground .
suddenly rishi enters and sees them .
rishi:- hi big b , hi kashish
both come out of their dream world and say hi , both are embarassed .
rishi:- kashish tum SHIMLA first time aayi ho na .
kashish:- haan
rishi:- to phir chalo kahiin picnic pe chalthe hain
kashish:- are mein abhi toh aayi hoon U.S.A se , yahaan ka kaam khatam kar ke chalthe hain .
at this sujal interupts and says
sujal:- kashish kaam tho hotha rahega , chalo na hum sab picnic pe chalthe hain .
kashish:- smiles and says ok
rishi:- theek hain then it is decided ki hum log kal picnic pe jaa rahein hain .
sujal:- done
rishi leaves .
kashish starts to discuss MR.GUPTA'S project with sujal .
sujal:- kashish zara sambhal kar rehna mr.gupta ka reputation utna achcha nahi hain
kashish:- tum ho na mere saath , tho kuch nahi hoga
sujal gives her a look in typical RAJEEV style
kashish realizes what she just said & says
kashish:- i mean tum sab log hona mere saath
& kashish smile . in the evening sujal ,kashish reach home . rishi
is already there . all the family is sitting in the hall waiting for
sujal and kashish . sujal enters with kashish . all greet them and all
the youngsters are very happy about going to the picnic . veena and
chetan say that they will not be able to make it to the picnic .
rishi:- big b ye piyush bhaiyaa kahaan hain....
sujal sees kashish irritated face when piyush's name is mentioned
sujal:- pata nahi rishi , aata hi hoga.......
all chat for some time and go to their respective rooms to relax . veena tells them to come down for dinner at 9

here some where in shimla a guy is sitting and talking to himself :- ajj pehali baar
ghar ke aaye hua kisi ne mera saccha roop dekha . mujhse itni baadi
bewakoofi kaise ho gayi . maine apne app se vaada kiya tha ki koi bhi
mera saccha roop tab thak nahi janega jab thak mein apne maksat mein
kamiyaab nahi ho jata . aur mera maksat hain "GAREWALS KI BARBADI " .
the guys laughs aloud and turns around and it is none other than

guys here ends the part three . well to know further what happens in
the picnic and y does piyush hate the garewals read the next part .
please guys tell me frankly if u don't like my story i'll not mind and
i'll try to
improve .

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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:15 pm


day early in the morning all are awake as they have to leave early for
the picnic spot .all the family members are busy with their own work .
kashish is sitting in the hall along with sujal who is busy in reading
a project file .
kahish:- sujal , kya kar rahe ho??
sujal:- kuch nahi , bas ye file pad raha tha
kasish:- uffo… sujal tumne hi tho kal kaha tha ki kaam baad mein bhi ho saktha hain aur ab tum khud file lekar baite ho
sujal:- achcha baba lo maine ye file baand kar di .
both sujal and kashish start talking & laughing .
veena observes this whole conversation and has a big smile on her face ...................
some body enters the garewal mansion .
somebody:- doston ko bhoolgaye.........
yaaro ko bhoolgaye..........
lekin mere yaar..............
dosti ko kabhi nahi bhool na....................

sujal & kashish turn behind .
sujal :- are pratham tuuuuuuuu
pratham:- haan yaar mein
sujal:- tu kab wapas aaya
pratham:- abhi aaya hoon

basically pratham & sujal are best friends they are even business
associates , pratham's parents live in LONDON , so pratham & his
sister diya stay in the garewal mansion - don't ask me why ok

pratham:- aur ye kya kahan jane ki tayari ho rahi hain .
sujal:- woh actually hum sab kashish ke saath picnic pe ja rahein hain .
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ab ye kashish kaun hain
sujal:- tho pratham ye hain kashish { pointing towards her } ye sumeet oberoi ki beti hain.
pratham:- oh , hi kashish mein pratham hu sujal ka dost
kashish:- hi pratham .
the other youngsters come down to the hall . piyush came home late last
night at that time the ghar ka naukar ramu kaka informed him that they
all were going to picnic the next day . so even piyush was with them .
all come out of the house to leave for the picnic . they have arranged for a picnic bus .
all get into the bus and wave to veena & chetan

in the bus :-
by the way sneha , shlok & diya call kashish , kashish di
sneha:- di waise app apne free time mein karthi kya hain
kashish:- zyadda kuch nahi bas basketball khelthi hoon , beheno ke saath masti karti hoon . aur mom ko irritate karthi hoon .
diya:-appki kitni behene hain
kashish:- meri char behena hain .
rishi:- kashish waise ek personal sawal pooch saktha hoon .
kashish:- hain poocho
rishi:- appka koi boy friend.....................................
all look at kashish waiting for a answer
kashish:- mera ab tak koi boyfriend nahi hain . lekin hain mere khaffi sare dost hain jo ladke hain.
shlok:- iska matlab U.S.A mein pal -badkar appka koi boyfriend nahi
boy friend....... shayad tum theek kahe rahe ho , par kya kare agar
mera koi boyfriend ban bhi gaya tho usko time kaun dega , meri aatma
swayam:- kya matlab hain appka
mera matlab ye hain ki mein hamesha business par concentrate kathi
hoon.aur shaam ko apni family aur friends ke saath rehthi hoon . tho
waqt kiske pass hain boyfriend pal ne ka .
pratham looks at sujal
and gives a sarcastic smile because sujal also has the same ideaology .
sujal feels awkward as pratham is teasing him .
all reach the
picnic spot . it is a beautiful landscape with waterfalls , a big open
land space . the point is something like the cliff {old sujal's fav
spot } . if people want they can go down to the waterfall but the road
is very slippery..................
all start enjoying the place . kashish is very happy to be with the garewals & others .
rishi:- chaliye na big b hum sab neeche chalthe hain .
sneha:-hain big b chaliye na
sujal:- nahi , tum log ja ke aao
diya:- plz bhaiyya chaliye na .
gets a phone call . he starts talking . in between he tells everybody
to go down, he tells that he'll join them after talking over the phone
all go down except kashish & piyush . kashish becoz she said
she would come along with sujal & piyush becoz he was least
interested .
sujal sees that kashish is waiting for him so he cuts the phone quickly .
sujal:- kashish , tum kyun nahi gayi
kashish:- bas aise hi .
piyush comes and says chale kashish
kashish:- sujal hum neeche chale
sujal:- hain chalo
sujal , kashish & piyush start going down .
sujal & kashish are talking and enjoying while piyush is getting irritated and jealous
sujal:- kashish sach hi batao tumhara koi boyfriend nahi hain.
kashish:- hain sujal mein sach keh rahee hoon, mera koi boyfriend nahi hain .
piyush tells slowly but kashish is able to hear . he says that waise bhi is chehra ka koi boyfriend kaise ho saktha hain.
is shocked & hurt . sujal has heard what piyush has said . sujal
sees that kashish is hurt . he gives a irritated stare to piyush &
starts walking in the front with kashish .
kashish is deep in her
thoughts when she suddenly trips and is about to fall . but sujal
catches her at the right time . both sujal & kashish remain in the
same position and are looking into each others eyes . both get up and
give a chota sa smile to each other .
then both go down to where all are enjoying . kashish starts playing in the water like a small kid .
sees this & thinks :- patha nahi kashish mein kya hain jo mujhe
uski taraf keech raha hain . mujhe aisa lagtha hain ki ek ajeeb si
kashish hain isme .
song played in the background:-

teri ye muskurahat
teri ye masumiyat
tujh mein hamesha shamil ye rahe
tujhko ye patha hi nahi
kitni pyarri tu hain mujhe
rahe sada yunhi hum
thoda sa pyar hua hain
bohat hain baki...........
{ he guys plz tell me what do u think of the song i have written }

is deep in his thoughts looking at kashish when ptratham comes and sees
this . pratham sees that sujal is looking at kashish .
pratham:- sujal agar pasand kartha hain use tho batha dena use...
sujal:- nahi yaar aisi koi baat nahi hain
pratham:- theek hain . pratham thinks main bhi dekhtha hoon tu kitne din thak chup rehtha hain .
thinks :- kya pratham sahi keh raha tha , kya mujhe sach mein kashish
se pyar ho gaya hain . nahi nahi aisi koi baat nahi kashish sirf meri
dost hain .. shayad........
all the younsters enjoy the whole time
& then it is their time to get back home .all are tired and so all
be quiet during the bus journey .sujal is meamwhile thinking about
pratham's words & kashish is talking to her sisters over the phone
. after reaching home all go to their respective rooms to rest .piyush
goes out .
piyush is on his way to meet somebody . he goes to a
deserted place where already somebody is waiting for piyush . piyush
gets down the car and then
piyush:- sorry uncle bohat aane mein der ho gayi .
person:- it is ok son

the main point is that the person is none other than piyush's mamma he
is aditya gujral . piyush's mother vasu was a very greedy lady . piyush
mother is still alive . vasu & aditya are the two people who have
made piyush aganist the garewals .
guys plz dont think it is some
serial where dead people come back alive u will come to know how she is
alive in just some time plz wait }
aditya:- tho kya chal raha hain . humara plan kahan thak pohancha..
uncle haan wo bus final stage pe hain maine ek shooter se baat kar li
hain aur wo ek ya do din mein apna khaam khatam kar lega
aditya:- use kisi bhi haal mein marna hoga .
piyush:- app fikar mat kijiye sujal zinda nahi bachega.
piyush:- uncle waise mom kaisi hain , aur kab aarahi hain wapas .
aditya:-wo theek hain . bohat jald aajayegi .
piyush:- theek hain uncle
bhi wo garewals ye nahi jaanthe ki us din { 8 years back } vasu ne vo
flight board nahi ki varna wo bhi us flight accident mein mar jathi .
lekin ye baat koi nahi jaantha ki sirf lalit ne flight board ki aur
vasu ne nahi...............
piyush:-waise un garewals ko patha hi
nahi ke mom zinda hain . aur ye bhi unhe nahi patha ki wo log ek
aasthiin ke saap ko paal rahe hain .
piyush & aditya laugh
aditya:- theek hain , main abhi chaltha hoon .
piyush:- ok uncle . mein kaam hote hi phone karuga .
both piyush & aditya leave for their respective destinations .

in the garewal mansion :-
sujal is just resting on the bed when he gets a call from mr.gupta
mr.gupta:- hello mr. garewal .
mr.gupta:- wo actually meri kal kashish oberoi ke saath meeting hain . wohi confirm karne ke liye phone kiya tha .
sujal:- theek hain mr.gupta kal subah 11 baje hum log meeting mein milthe hain SG ENTERPRISES mein .
mr.gupta:- theek hain
sujal puts down the phone and goes to kashish's room to inform it to her .
sujal knocks , kashish opens the door
kashish:- sujal tum
sujal:- hain kashish wo actually kal 11 baje humari mr.gupta ke saath meeting hain . ye hi yaad dilane aaya tha .
kashish:- theek hain .
sujal:- maine disturb tho nahi kiya na
kashish:- nahi . now kashish is getting restless as she wants to go inside .
sujal:- theek hain . good night
kashish :- good night & she closes the door
sujal thinks :- ab ise kya ho gaya . he smiles and goes to his room .
goes to her room & continues her work . actually kashish was
writing her diary . in which she was writing about sujal and the
moments spent with him and that's y she was behaving like that with
sujal .
she is totally in her thoughts. thinking about sujal she gets a smile on her face .

song in the background
jane ye kya hua hain
dil nahi mera bas mein
kaunsa mod aaya zindagi ke safar mein
bas gaya tu hi tu ab tho meri nazar mein

thinking all this kashish goes to sleep.
the same is the case with sujal he is also thinking about kashish and goes to sleep.

guys here ends the part 4 . to know more as what will piyush do . what
will happen to sujal , kashish . how will gupta effect sujal kashish's
relationship . read the next part to know all get answers for all these
questions . guys u people may feel that i'am writing more about sujal
& kashish and ignoring all other characters . but guyz just wait
for some time and u will have a story which is totally

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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:18 pm


day morning kashish is in the dining table along with veena . shlok and
diya come down stairs. kashish and veena are deep in conversation .
actually kashish is telling veena as to what all they did in their
picnic .
shlok :-good morning ma , kashish di
diya:- good morning
veena and kashish together give a smile and say :- good morning
veena:- tum dono aaj inti jaldi kaise aagaye ? college jaldi jana hain kya ??
shlok :- hain maa , vo actually humme { he pauses for second and asks } are diya humme kaunsa lecture hain abb ??
diya:- kya yaar shlok tumhe kitni baar kahu ki humme ektra business ki class hain ajj .
comes down in a total black suit { looking dashing as ever } pratham
also comes down . they have heard the whole conversation
sujal:- shlok tum bhi kamal ho , tumhe kis class ke liye jana hain tumhe wo bhi pata nahi
shlok:- are bhaiya diya meri best friend hain aur dost ke liye ye itna tho kar sakthi hain ??
bilkul sahi shlok .tum jaanthe ho shlok sujal hamesha mera liye notes
banatha tha , meri attendance deta tha . aur waisa bhi , dost hotha hi
is liye hain.
sujal & diya give a what kind of look to shlok & pratham .
kashish is enjoying a small nok-jhok between the family and is reminded of her sisters .
now shlok says:- kashish di aap bataiye kaun sahi hain
all look at kashish waiting for a reply .
veena interupts all of them and says :- kyun bechari kashish ko tang kar rahe ho. chup chap khana kaa loo.
all smile and get back to eating . as they know veena would scold them if they continued to argue .
goes inside for a moment . shlok's cell rings . as u know he is a very
big flirt the call is of one of his girl friends anita . he finishes
talking on the cell .
shlok:- diya chalo jaldi , anita ka phone aaya tha . wo mera wait kar rahi hain .
face drops down as she hears anita's name . kashish observes this . she
feels that diya has certain feelings for shlok .
sujal:- ye anita kaun hain ?????????
diya:- bhaiya ye anita shlok ki nayi girl friend hain .
now shlok & diya leave for their college .
pratham , sujal & kashish are still sitting
veena comes and sees kashish has not finished her breakfast
veena:- kashish beta kya hua . kya soch rahi ho .
kashish:- kuch nahi aunty . bas aise hi project ke bare mein soch rahi thi .
kashish tum vo sab baad mein sochna phela aapna khana khatm karo .varna
jab sonia aur sumeet yahan aayege to mujh se puchchege ki kya mein
tumhe khana nahi khila rahi roon .
kashish gives a weak smile .
sujal:- kashish chale , hum me meeting par bhi jana hain .
kashish:- theek hain chalo . pratham tum nahi aa rahe ho .
pratham:- nahi kashish mujhe kahiin aur jana hain meeting attend karne ke liye
kashish:-theek hain c u later , bye .
kashish and sujal leave for the office . in the office they are waiting for mr.gupta to come .
mr.gupta comes .
mr.gupta:- hello mr.garewal .
sujal:- hello , mr.gupta inse miliye yeh hain kashish oberoi .
mr.gupta:- hello ms.oberoi . kaisi hain app .
kashish:- hello , ab yeh formalities poori ho gayi ho tho kaam ki baat kare .
sujal for the first time observed the kind of coldness with which she was talking to mr.gupta .
, kashish & sujal discussed the project for some time . mr.gupta
told them to visit his office while going to their home because there
were some papers to be singed which he had not brought along .
gupta left & again kashish and sujal were busy in their own work .
but sometimes kashish would give a stare to sujal while sujal was not
looking and the same was the case with sujal .
sujal:- kashish ek baat poochu . tum bura tho nahi manogi na
kashish:- haan , go ahead
sujal:- tumne mr.gupta se aise kyun baat ki ........
sujal aapno mein aur business associates mein bohat farq hotha hain ,
is liye shayad tumhe mera behaviour ajeeb laga ho . apni apni soch par
nirbhar kartha hain ki hum logo se kaise deal kar the hain .
sujal:- shayad tum sahi keh rahi ho .
continue their work . suddenly sujal ke maan mein kashish ke baato ka
khayal aatha hain ki kashish ne kaha aapno mein aur business associates
mein bohat farq hotha hain. he sees kashish and sees that she is
carrying a whole lot of files in her hand . suddenly all the files
falls . sujal rushes to help her to pick up the files . both sujal
& kashish r picking up the files both their hands meet & they
look at each other

song in the background:-

sujal's version:-
ek kashish si najaane
kyun rahe mere maan main
mein ne tau samjha nahi
magar ehsaas hone lage hain
thoda sa pyar hua hain
bohat hain baki...........................

kashish's version:-

aaj kal subah , shaam
tumhari yaad saathane lagi hain
mujhe ye kya hone laga hain
dil ye kahan khone laga hain
thoda sa pyar hua hain
thoda hain baki.....................................

both are so deeply involved with each other . that they forget the world around .
kashish is a tom boy sujal has started developing feelings for her .
but note that it is not for her beauty but for her attitude &
behaviour }. now the time is 6 kashish and sujal are leaving for home
while going home they decide to meet mr.gupta . when they are leaving
the manager comes and informs sujal that he has to go through some
papers and sign them . sujal tells kashish that she should go to gupta
and sign the papers , he even tells her that she should go through the
papers before singing them . kashish agrees .and leaves .
carries on with his work . kashish is stuck in a traffic jam and by the
time she reaches gupta's office it is 7.30 . meanwhile sujal also
decides to go home.being tired sujal decides to take the short cut
route to his house .

in mr. gupta's office kashish is feeling very uncomfortable . as gupta is going on staring at her .
meanwhile sujal reaches home and goes to his room to get freshen up .
kashish has gone through the papers and singed them and she wants to leave . but gupta does not let her go . he says
gupta:- kashishhhhh jaana zaroori hain kya
kashish:- kya matlab hain aapka
gupta:- dekho kashish mera khayal se tum samajdaar ho , ho na ?? . phir samaj kyun nahi rahi ho
kashish:- app hosh mein tho hain , mr. gupta
in the garewal house sujal comes to the hall
veena:- tu kab aaya sujal
sujal:- bas ma abhi thodi der pehle , mumma kashish kahan hain
veena:- kashish tumhare saath aane wali thi na
sujal:- kyaaaaaa mumma app kehna chahthi hain ki kashish ab thak nahi aayi .
runs to kashish's room to check whether she is there . he does not find
her there and comes down and rushes outside without telling anybody .
he starts his car and he is very worried as he knows gupta is not a
nice man . he starts driving very fast .
in gupta's office gupta
is trying to get close to kashish and kashish is crying for help .
gupta tries to force kashish . but suddenly sujal enters . kashish
heaves a sigh of relief . seeing sujal kashish goes and hugs him
tightly . sujal warns mr.guta and cancels the contract and leaves the
place with kashish . who still is scared , crying and holding sujal
very tightly . sujal and kashish come out . inside gupta calls some
body and says :- maine appna kaam kar diya hain , ab tum appna kaam
karo .
the other person says:- ok . ab mein dekhlunga .
gupta cuts the phone and has a wicked smile on his face .
and kashish r sitting in the car . sujal sees kashish is crying , he
goes to her and wipes her tears . kashish clungs into his arms crying
very bitterly . sujal and kashish slowly drive home . kashish decides
to behave normal and not to tell anybody .
kashish & sujal enter
veena:- aagaye tum dono , itna der kyun ho gaya
kashish and sujal together say :- nahi bas kuch kaam tha .
sujal:- mumma baki sab kahan hain
veena:- wo sab movie ke liye gaye hain . wo log tumhara kab se intezar kar rahe the .phir maine unhe jane ko kaha.
sujal:- theek hain , mumma
both refuse their dinner and go to their rooms .
kashish is sitting in her room and crying . some one knocks on the door .
kashish:- come in
sujal enters with a box in his hand
kashish:- sujal tum yahan
haan kashish woh first aid box laaya tha . tumhe chot lagi hain na . {
actually kashish got hurt when she was trying to save herself from
gupta } .
sujal comes and sits beside her . he takes her hand and
applies dettol on it . kashish feels the pain . but manages to control
herself .
kashish:- sujal thanks
sujal:- thanks kyunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
kashish:- wo is liye ki tum ne aunty se kuch nahi kaha mr.gupta ke baare mein.
kashish pehli baat dosto ki kuch bato ko sab ko bata the nahi , wo dost
hi kya jo apni dost ke mann ki baat nahi samaj sake aur dusari baat
dosti mein
no thanks no sorry . samjhiiiii
kashish smiles .
the room veena is standing she has heard the whole conversation and
understood what might have happened that day & decides not to ask
them about it. she enters the room and she sees that sujal and kashish
are hitting each other playfully . sujal sees veena and tells her to
sit with them . all the three chat for a long time then sujal &
veena leave wishing kashish good night . kashish goes off to sleep with
a cute smile on her face .
veena is with sujal
veena:- sujal , aaj sonia se meri baat hui thi usne bato-bato mein bataya ki 2hafte baad kashish ka janam din hain .
sujal:- mumma mujhe lagtha hain , humme use ek suprise dena chahiye
veena:- mujhe bhi ye hi lagtha hain , itne kam dino mein wo itna gul -mil gayi hain humare saath .
sujal:- app fikar mat karo mein kuch kartha hoon . abhi app jaiye aur so jaiye
veena:- good night .
sujal:- good night .
goes and sits on his bed and thinks :- kashish jitni tough dikhthi hain
utni hi sensitive aur emotional hain . thinking about that days events
he goes to sleep .
the next day everything is the same { normal } :-
has already called her father and told her that she is not intrested in
gupta's project . she does not tell the reason .
kashish and sujal
are going to leave for the office when chetan comes and tells:-ajj
subah meri sumeet se baat hui usne bataya ki tum { kashish} us project
mein intrested nahi ho .
he pauses for a second and says :-
kashish , sujal sumeet aur main ye chahthe hain ki oberoi aur garewal
industries merge kare tum dono kya soch the ho .
sujal & kashish say :- great , ye tho bohat achcha hoga .
the scene ends there .
4 days have passed and the same routine continues . sujal & kashish are busy with the merger proceedings .
it is the fifth day . some legal problem arises in the merger.
sujal:- kashish ye problem mera dost hi suljha saktha hain .
kashish:- nahi sujal ye problem mera dost solve karega .
sujal and kashish start arguing . they have a very heated argument .
kashish:- achcha tumhare lawyer ka naam batao .
sujal:- us ka naam hain . sujal's cell rings and he leaves the place .
and sujal both are very frustrarted both don't want to give a chance
for the other to speak . they both have their own ego while dealing in
bussiness matters.
some person is standing outside opposite to the
garewal industries building . he is waiting for somebody to come out of
the building. he gets a call from some body .
caller:- hello
some person:- hello boss
the caller :- abey , kya aaj kaam ho jayege
some person :- piyush sir aap fikar mat kijiye ajj sujal garewal ka kaam thamaam ho jayega .
{ the caller is piyush & the person is the shooter }
and kashish r not intrested in talking to each other but they have to
go home together as they both are heading towards the same destination
sujal comes to the car & kashish is a bit behind as she is walking slowly.
the shooter fires the bullet.............................

here ends the part 5 . to know what happens to sujal is he hospitalized
or not , will his and kashish's argument ever end , who is the lawyer
sujal is talking about,who is lawyer kashish is talking about . to have
answers for these questions read the next part .

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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:20 pm


is still walking very slowly , she keeps looking everywhere . suddenly
she sees the shooter and she also sees that he has fired a bullet that
is heading towards sujal , the shooter also sees her .
kashish runs to sujal who is facing the car door and says
kashish :- sujallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .
this time the bullet hit kashish on her hand . but the shooter fired
again and this time aiming at kashish because she had seen him . this
time the bullet hit kashish in her stomach.
sujal was surprised
and turned around to see what had happened . but what he saw shocked
his life out of him , he saw kashish falling down . he catches her and
she falls on his knees unconscious . sujal is very shocked and then he
sees blood woozing out of her wounds . he realizes the importance of
the situation and puts her in the car , rushes her to the hospital . he
reaches appollo hospital . he carries kashish inside and puts her on
the stretcher .the doctor comes . kashish is taken inside the operation
theatre .
sujal is standing outside and is very worried .
is thinking :- kashish ko please bacha ligiye baghwan , mujhse meri ek
achchi dost ko mat chiniye { sirf dost..... } , kashish bohat achchi
hain , wo kabhi kisi ka bura nahi karthi . please bhagwan app ek bar
mera pyar mujhse cheen chuke hain is bar app meri dost ko nahi cheen
sakhthe.............................. .....

sujal is thinking
about all these things . his cell is going on ringing . he does not
hear it . then finally he realises that his cell is ringing . he picks
it up .
sujal:- hello
rishi:- BIG B app aur kashish kahan par hain ?? mein kabse appka cell try kar raha hoon.
sujal:- haan wo actually mein hospital main hoon .
rishi:- hospital , par kyun BIG B
rishi actually , sujal tells him everything what has happened . rishi
is worried . he tells sujal that they all are coming to the hospital
and keeps the phone down .
everybody in the garewal house are sitting in the house and chatting . rishi comes in .
veena:- rishi , baat ki tune sujal se
rishi:- maa wo , rishi hesitates to tell
veena:- bol rishi
rishi:- he tells everything which sujal had told him .
all are shocked . rishi , veena , CG , pratham leave for the hospital .
in the hospital:-
sujal is pacing too and fro outside the operation theatre . veena and all enter . they see sujal and rush towards him .
sujal sees them . veena first goes to sujal and says
veena:- sujal ye kya hain inta sara khoon { actually there is total blood on sujal's shirt }.
sujal:- kuch nahi mumma
pratham :- kashish kaisi hain
sujal:- pata nahin , ab tak doctor ne kuch nahi kaha .
just then the red light of OT had gone off and the doctor came out .
all rushed to the doctor
cg:- kashish kaisi hain doctor
doc:- operation ho gaya hain , par agle 24 ghanthe mein agar unhe hosh nahi aaya tho......
sujal jumps in between and says
sujal:- wo theek ho jayegi na......
doc:- bhagwan par bharosa rakhiye...
the doc leaves......
sujal asks everybody to leave . he says he would be there . all first refuse but then sujal persuades them .
all leave...........
sujal is sitting in the corridor . he opens the I.C.U rooms door and walks in
{ by the way kashish is shifted to the I.C.U } .
goes sits near kashish . and is admiring kashish's innocent &
nbsp;face . sujal then goes and sits on the sofa in the room . he is
very tired and falls off to sleep .
in garewal house all are worried . veena decides that they will tell the oberoi's
later .
the hospital sujal suddenly gets up with a jerk because he in his sleep
hears kashish panting . sujal intially thinks it's a dream but then
sees kashish and realises that she indeed is panting . sujal runs out
to call the doctor . the doctor rushes in.
sujal is sent out of the I.C.U . sujal is waiting outside when the doctor comes out
{ and ya it is about 5 in the morning} . sujal goes to him
sujal:- ab kaisi hain kashish doctor
kashish:- ab bilkul theek hain , aur use kisi bhi pal hosh aa saktha hain .
sujal:- thanks doctor
the doctor leaves....
goes inside and sits beside kashish . he sees kashish gaining
conciousess . kashish opens her eyes . she sees sujal and is relieved .
sujal helps kashish to get up and sit on the bed .
kashish:- ouch.........
sujal:- kya hua
kashish:- kuch nahi , bas thoda sa dard ho raha hain .
sujal:- tum theek ho hona
kashish:- haan baba , bilkul first class .
sujal:- tumne tho kal dara hi diya tha , kya zaroorat thi beech mein aane ki lag jane dethi goli mujhe
kashish:- sujal kya karoon mujhe apna bhi swart dekhna padtha hain na
sujal:- tumhara kaisa swart??
kashish:- are sidhi si baat hain agar tumhe wo goli lag jathi tho mein
jagadthi kisse , dil ki baat kehthi kisse . samjhe " MR. BHUDHU "
sujal looks at kashish and smiles .
kashish:- sujal tumne ghar par tho kisi ko nahi bataya na { she means her home } ??
nahi kashish , wo kal raat mumma ka phone aaya tha wo keh rahi thi ki
wo tumhare ghar walon ko pareshan nahi karna chahthi .
kashish:- bohat achcha kiya , warna wo log duadthe duadthe yahan aa ja the .
kashish sees that sujal's shirt is full of blood and she even realizes that he has'nt changed .
kashish:- sujal tum kal raat se yahiin par ho , ghar nahi gaye ??
sujal:- nahi wo actually [ he hesitates and says ] , tumhe chodkar kaise jatha main
kashish gives him a sweet smile . both continue there talking when veena and pratham and rishi enter .
veena:- kashish beta kaisi ho
kashish:- theek hoon aunty
cell rings . the cell is with sujal . he gives it to her . but kashish
is unable to hold and so the phone is put on speaker .
kashish:- hello
sonia:- kash kaisi ho
kashish:- mommm , mein bilkul theek hoon . app kaisi hain
sonia:- mein bhi theek hoon . ek min ruko ye tumhari bahene mujhe baat nahi karne de rahi hain .
gauri :- hi kash
kashish:- gauri
veena , rishi , pratham and sujal see kashish face glowing while talking to her family .
kashish:- gauri baki sab kahan hain
{ in oberoi house the speaker is on }
gauri :- sab yahiin par hain , tumhe bohat miss kar rahe hain .
kashish:- achcha aki ki koi khabar
gauri:- pata nahi , ruk mein charu , mehak ya archie se poochthi hoon .
charu comes
charu:- hi diiii
kashish:- hi charu , kaisi ho .
charu:- bilkul theek di
kashish:- charu aki kaisa hain , uski koi khabar
charu:- di wo theek hain , wo appse baat karna chahtha tha wo keh raha tha ki wo INDIA aa raha hain .
now sumeet enters and takes the phone
sumeet:- hi kash baccha { he calls kashish like that } .
feels embara ssed because his father is calling her bachcha ,but not
because he is calling her but becoz all are standing beside her.
kashish:- dad , kaise hain app ??
sumeet:- pehle tu mujhe baata tu kaisi hain , INDIA kaise laga ??
kashish:- INDIA bohat achcha hain , aur mein bhi theek hoon.
sumeet:- merger proceedings kaisi chal rahi hain ??
kashish:- bohat achchi
kashish and sumeet start discussing about business when sonia comes and tells
sonia:- in baap - beti ko tho hamesha hi business soojtha hain , kabhi koi aur baat tho nahi karthe .
achcha kashish agar mein tumse se aur thodi der business ki baat karuga
tho tumhari maa mujh par baras padegi . bye kash bachcha . apna khayal
rakhna .
kashish:- byeee dad ..........
veena:- tum ne un logon ko bataya kyun nahi kashish
kashish:- nahi aunty agar mein batathe tho wo pareshan ho jathe , aur ab tho mein theek hoon na
pratham:- starts teasing her kashish ye kash baccha kaun hain.............................
kashish:- prathammmmmmm
just then the police enters
[ the people in the garewal house don't know that sujal was the actual target .]
police person:- ms. kashish humme appka bayaan chahiye
kashish tells everything that had happened
all are shocked on coming to know sujal was the target.......
the police tells kashish that they will get the sketch done after some days . the police leaves ..
veena:- gets veryyyyy sentimental and tells to kashish thanks kashish tum nahi hothi tho mera sujal.....
kashish interupts and says
ye app kya keh rahi hain aunty , ye tho mera farz tha , aur agar mein
sujal ko na bachathi tho phir apne dost ko kho dethi .
veena gives a weak smile to kashish . the doctor comes and tells that kashish can be discharged but she needs some bed rest .
are relieved and take kashish home . they all reach home . kashish
enters with others . in the hall all are waiting for kashish . all see
her and greet her .
kashish is sitting with everybody in the hall . veena has gone to the kitchen and cg leaves after meeting kashish .
shlok comes to kashish and says
di app us din humare sawaal ka jawaab nahi de payi { remember
sujal,diya , pratham and shlok's argument on the dining table in the
last part }
kashish:- mujhe lagtha hain tum charon hi sahi ho.......
diya:- matlabbbb
matlab ye agar dosti mein hum ek dusare ka kaam share kare tho kuch
bura nahi lekin humme dusuro par apne kaam thopne nahi chahiye .
veena comes
veena:- kashish tum jao aur aaram
karo , doctor ne tumhe complete bed rest ke liye kahan hain , sujal tu
bhi jakar fresh ho jaaa
sujal and kashish leave to their respective rooms .
is in his room he gets fresh . sujal does not put his shirt he is
wearing for wash but instead puts it in his cupboard . he himself is
confused over his behaviour..
{ and ya the shirt is full of kashish's blood }

are passing by kashish is getting alright , aur waise bhi wo theek
kaise nahi hothi uska khayal tho sujal rak raha tha na time time per
usko davayi detha tha , uska khana - peena ka dhayan rakhtha tha . dono
ki dosti gehri hothi gayi ...

it's been 6 days after the
incident . kashish is absolutely fit and fine . kashish decides to
visit the office . veena allows her to go only on one condition that
she would not strain herself too much . kashish agrees and leaves with
in the office kashish is in sujal's cabin . sujal is in
the conferance room talking to somebody over the phone . kashish enters
the conferance room in search of sujal , sujal sees her and cuts the
call very abruptly as though he did'nt want kashish to hear what or to
whom was he talking.
kashish feels his behaviour a bit odd but decides to ignore it..
now in sujal's cabin both kashish and sujal are sitting and discussing about the merger.
sujal:- kashish us din tho humne ek dusare se ladayi ki na , phir tumne mujhe kyun bachaya.
she smiles and says } tum bilkul theek keh rahe ho mujhe tumhe nahi
bachana chahiye tha na , dekho sujal personal or professional life ko
kabhi mix nahi karna chahiye samjheee
sujal:- haan samaj gaya
kashish:- mujhe tumse kuch kehna hain
sujal:- haan kaho
kashish:- wo mein ye kehna chahthi thi ki ajj se tumhe MR.SUJALGAREWAL &nbs p;ke naam se nahi pukarugi
sujal:-to phir kya pukarogi
kashish:- mein tumhe BHUDHU bulaugi.. saying this she starts laughing .
sees her and smiles . both get back to work . both are not able to
concentrate . kashish is thinking about sujal and vice - versa .
the evening kashish and sujal reach home . sujal walks in first . he
sees that somebody is there and all are very happy . sujal recognizes
that somebody and says
sujal:- akshatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt , sujal goes and hugs him .
akshat:- kaisa hain yaar tu ,
sujal:- main bilkul theek hu , tu bata tu kaisa hain aur kab aaya .
akshat:- are yaar main ek dum theek hoon , socha tum logon ko suprise doon .kaisa laga mera suprise
veena:- bohat achacha
sneha:- BIG B di kahan par hain
akshat and sujal are facing opposite side of the door . sujal turns back and says
sujal:- wo rahi { actually kashish has entered and walking slowly towards everybody.}
sujal:- then says kashish inse milo ye mera sab se achcha dost hain .
turns behind . sujal is going to introduce kashish to akshat but too
everybody's suprise akshat goes forward and hugs
kashish . kashish
is very happy seeing him . all are wondering as how akshat and kashish
know each other......................

so guyz here ends my
part . i'am sure you must also be wondering as how akshat and kashish
know each other , what is piyush's reaction about the shooting incident
, who was the girl in sujal's life , will sujal and kashish realize
their love for each other , what plans has sujal made for kashish's
birthday party , yeh sab jaane ke liye wait for ZKS's Next part....

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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:22 pm


is wondering as to what is happening { actually everybody is wondering
but i think we guyz are only bothered about sujal . am i right
veena:- are kashish , akshat tum log ek dusare ko jaanthe ho kya ???
akshat and kashish separate .
akshat :- haan mumma
{ he calls veena mumma and cg dad , becoz bachpan se he has been with them }
continues :- mumma mein aur kash PARIS mein ek saat padthe the . app
tho jaanthi ho na ki mein vakalat ke saath saath business
administration ka course bhi kartha tha . kash mera saath business
administration ke course mein thi .
kashish is seeing all this and wondering how come akshat is here ???
akshat sees her expression and says:-
kash , aise moo banane ki koi zaroorat mein jaantha hoon tum kya
confusion mein ho . tum ye jaana chahthe ki mein yahan kya kar raha
hoon ??
kashish:- tumhe kaise pata chala
akshat:- tho madam
kashish oberoi mein tumhe pichle paanch saal se jaantha hoon. tumhe
itna bhi na jaan paya tho hum dost kis haq se kehlayenge....... mein is
ghar ka beta hoon . tumhe yaad hain mein tumhe hamesha bataya kartha
tha ki mera ek sabse achcha dost hain jinke saath meri family rehthi
hain . tho ye hain meri family. aur sujal mera sabse achcha
akshat :- aur waise tum yahan kya kar rahi ho

{ before kashish could reply veena interrupted and said }
now veena says :- tum log jakar fresh ho jao . baad mein saari baatein pooch lena..
akshat , sujal , kashish go to their respective rooms.............................................

{ guyz i would like to tell you that all the family members are there except for piyush . he has gone out some where }

all the three get fresh . sujal is sitting in his room and is very happy . someone knocks on the door .
kashish enters
sujal:- kashish tum...... koi kaam tha ???
haan sujal , wo actually ye file ke kuch contents mujhe samaj nahi aa
raha the ( she is holding a file in her hand ) , if u don't mind please
meri madat kar doge .............
( today i'll explain something
about sujal's room , it is the same as the one in kth but only
difference is he has a study table in one corner on which all files are
placed , there is even a computer on that table ) .
sujal:- it's ok kashish , tum mujhe batao kya problem hain................
akshat comes to sujal's room . he sees kashish , sujal there .
sujal & kashish are busily discussing some business problem . they don't observe that akshat is there in the room.
akshat :- he coughs to get their attention .
sujal & kashish look back
sujal:- aki aa na ander aajaa { actually he is standing at the door }
akshat:- kya sujal mein itne saalon baad aaya hoon , aur tum phir kaam ko lekar baite ho
sujal:- nahi bus kashish ka ye doubt solve kar raha tha................ ;
:- kash ka , tum isse chod do ise tho hamesha koi na koi doubt hothi
hain. iska naam humme baadal dena chahiye kashish oberoi se doubt
oberoi .
kashish:- akiiiiiiiiiiiii , mein tumhe maar dalugi...................
akshat:- waise kash tum yahan kya kar rahi hooo
intervents and explains everything as to why she is here , what
mr.gupta did & then what they are doing now . akshat is very happy
, but also shocked after hearing the shoot - out incident .
:- kash tum kuch badli ho ya waisi hi ho , dekho tum hamesha ladko ke
jaisa pesh aathi ho . ab tum INDIA mein ho tho ye sab nahi chalega ...
kashish:- samjhi.........
akshat:- waise bhi akshat the great ki baatein sab ko samaj ni padthi hain.......
akiii , mujhe patha hain ki tumhara naam akshat hain.... par ye akshat
the great kaun hain.. mujhe tho koi nahi dikh raha hain . haan lekin
mujhe ek
akshat the waste zaroor dikh raha hain..........
[ while telling all this kashish is slowly moving behind ]
akshat goes to hit kashish with a pillow but kashish hides behind sujal and accidentally the pillow hits sujal.......
sujal:- ouchhhhhhhh.................
kashish :- kya hua sujal , laga kya { she is making innocent face expressions }
sujal:- nahi kuch nahi....
akshat:- is bar tum bach gayi kash , kyunki is baar sujal beech mein aagaya tha , par agli bar nahi bachoge...............
wantedly teases akshat and now akshat starts running behind kashish
chasing her in the room.... ( guyz i think you people know that this
scene is happening in sujal's room )........
kashish starts running . sujal tries to stop both of them but in vain .
kashish takes a pillow and hits akshat and she is running backwards she trips
and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and
lands on sujallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll
sujal sees kashish and kashish sees sujal there eyes are locked & they forget the world around them .

song in the background :-


ajeeb daastan hain ye....................
kahan shuru kahan khatam.............
ye manzilan hain kaun si................
na tum samaj sake na hum.............

now for the female version i'am writing some other song . because ajeeb
daastan hain ye fits into sujal situation , but not in kashish's
situation }


churalo na dil mera sanam.............
banalo na appna sanam.................
ki tere bin na ji sakhege................
ki tere bin na mar sakhege..............
kuch bhi na kar sakhege...............

and kashish totally forget that akshat is also there in the room .
suddenly both realize and get up feeling embarassed . akshat gives a
cute smile seeing the situation...

akshat , sujal , kashish continue talking....
veena enters.
veena :- akshat , sujal , kashish chalo khana kha lo
sujal :- nahi mumma bookh nahi hain...........
akshat :- mujhe bhi bhookh nahi hain.......
wants to give the same answer which sujal and akshat gave . but before
kashish could say anything , veena interupts and says:-
veena:- kashish ab tum ye mat kehna ki tumne bhi khana nahi hain kyunki main jaanthi hoon ki tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya
kashish has a puzzled expression on her face as to how veena came to know she has'nt eaten anything since morning
nahi aunty main aisa kuch nahi kahugi , par aunty appko kaise patha
chala ki maine subah se kuch nahi khaya { she looks at sujal and sees
that he is looking else where , so she understands it was he who told
veena } , aunty waise sujal ne bhi subah se kuch nahi khaya...........
veena:- sujal ye kashish kya keh rahi hain .
sujal:- mumma woh mainn
veena :- ab bholega meeting mein tha , ya aur koi bahana banayega . ab chup chap sab chal kar khana kaa lo
sujal & akshat :- ji mumma , app jaiye hum aathe hain
veena:- kashish tum in dono ko 5 min mein neeche lekar aajana . warna ye dono phir se koi bahana bana denge
kashish giggles where as sujal & akshat frown
kashish:- theek hain aunty........................

sujal , kashish and akshat come down for dinner { all others have eaten }
all three start eating their dinner . veena is also sitting with them.......

akshat:- patha hain mumma mein jab 5 saal yahan se duur tha , tab mujhe kabhi laga hi nahi ki main akela hoon.....
veena smiles
continues :- kyunki hamesha jab mujhe ek dost ki zaroorat thi tho kash
thi mere saath . jab bhi hamari college ki vacation hothi thi tho mein
kashish ke ghar jatha tha aur wahan bohat masti kartha tha ...........

guys u might be wondering as y 5 saal he stayed in paris i'll tell you
that's because akshat did business admistration in the 1st 3 years and
the next 2 years he practiced law and kashish joined her father's
business after completion of her business admistration but kashish and
akshat always maintained their friendship }

akshat again
continues :- [ this time he turns towards sujal and says ] :- jaanthe
ho sujal mein wahan jakar itni jaldi kaise settle ho gaya , kyunki tum
hamesha mere saath the
sujal:- mainnnnnnnnnnnnnn
akshat:- haan tum , jaanthe ho kaise ??
sujal:- nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
akshat :- tum mere saath hamesha kashish ke roop mein the ....
now akshat towards veena and says :- mumma app jaanthi hain , ye kash aur sujal bilkul ek jaise hain kai aspect mein....
talks go on and on .
akshat's cell rings . he picks his phone
akshat :- hellooo , akshat raheja bol raha hoon
person on the phone:- zyahir si baat hain agar akshat raheja call kiya
hain tho akshat raheja hi bol raha hoga na koi bhoot ya phir koi xyz
tho nahi na..............
akshat :- haan bandhar bolo , kya kaam tha
the person on the phone:- akshat mein phone rak rahi hoon , agar tumne mujhe bandar kaha tho
:- sorry phir nahi kahunga { there is silence at the other end , akshat
says } itna sanata kyun hain bhai
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kaha na i'am sorry
charu :- theek hain
akshat :- tho bolo kaisi ho , aur kis kaam se phone kiya
charu :- mein theek hoon . aur kya matlab mein kya hamesha koi kaam ho tho tumse baat karthi hoon .
akshat:- nahi babaa
charu:- waise ek kaam tha , wo di tumhara contact address pooch rahi thi
akshat:- tumhari diiiiiiiiiiiiii
kashish is sitting opposite to akshat , she snatches the cell from akshat's hand....
sujal & veena are wondering as why did she take the phone they don't know it is kashish sister on the phone..........
charu:- akiiii , tumho ho na { she says that becoz akshat is not repling }
kashish:- akiiii , nahi kashish bol rahi hoon...
charu:- diiiiiiiiiiiii app
charu haan mein hi bol rahi hoon , agar tumhe yaad na ho tho mein yaad
diladu ki mein tumhari badi behen hoon............
akshat , sujal & veena are watching kashish intently . while she is talking to charu .
later kasish gives the phone to akshat after finishing her talk & he finishes the call.........
all the three finish there dinner .
veena :- akshat tu ab yahiin rahega na ,wapas tho nahi jayega na
akshat is not listening . sujal shakes him and he is in his senses .
akshat:- nahi mumma mein wapas nahi jaa raha hoon . yahan sujal ke saath kaam karuga.....
sujal:- waise tum kin khayalon mein khoye hue the aki
akshat:- kuch nahi
[suddenly says ] aki agar tum usse pasand karthe ho tho bata kyun nahi
dete . veena is standing at a distance she says
veena:- askshat ye kashish kya keh rahi hain ........
akshat { feeling a bit shy but trying to avoid } :- nahi mumma aise kuch nahi hain .
ye kash tho kuch bhi kehthi rehthi hain....
veena goes inside
akshat:- tum mujhe ek din marvaoge kash
understands the whole situation . he sees akshat who is making angry
faces towards kashish . sujal smiles very sweetlyyyy

now enters some one
someone :- akshat kaise hooooo
akshat turns around to see it is piyush
{ guys i think you know akshat & piyush are brothers }

akshat { answers very indifferently } :- theek hoon.......
piyush realises the coldness akshat is having towards him and feels a
lot more angry because kashish and sujal are also sitting there }
piyush:- bhai aki aise kyun keh rahe ho , apne bhai ke gale nahi lagoge
{ losess his temper } :- bhai my foot , tum shayad bhool chuke ho ki
maine tumse apne saare rishtey thod diye the , yaad hain jab tum PARIS
aaye the , agar tumhe yaad nahi tho mein yaad diladu.............
now veena comes , piyush taps his foot in anger and leaves the place ..
veena:- ye piyush ko kya ho gaya
akshat:- kuch nahi mumma

guyz neither sujal or kashish know the reason why akshat behaved like
that with piyush , but both sujal and kashish chose to ignore it
thinking it would be a small tiff between the brothers ---- see guyz
even their thinking matches........... )

kashish retires to her room........................
where as sujal and akshat are in the terrace ....

sujal:- aki tu bol kaisa hain tu
akshat:- bilkul theek hoon , sujal main tere liye bohat khush hoon
sujal:- kyun ???
akshat:- sujal main bohat khush hua ye dekhkar ki tu USSE bhool gaya hain.....
kisne kahan mein bhool gaya hoon { sujal has tears in his eyes } . main
USE kabhi bhula nahi pauga . woh nahi hain tho kya hua , jab thak mein
zinda hoon woh mujh mein jeeyegee
akshat [ feels sad ] :- sujal 6 saal purani baat ko kab thak nahi bhulaga.........
sujal { trying to divert the topic} :- achcha ab ye sab chod , tumse kuch zaroori baat karni thi mujhe
akshat { understanding } :- haan theek hain , ab bol kya baat karna chahtha tha tu mujhse
sujal:- akiiii tu tho jaantha hoga na ki agle hafthe kashish ka birthday hain
akshat:- haan
tho us ke liye maine kuch plan kiya haa . sujal starts telling his plan
to akshat ____________________________________________________________

{ sorry guys sujal did'nt want me to listen as i'am not akshat........}

akshat:- wow sujal ye tho bohat achcha suprise hoga kashish ke liye
sujal:- tum meri madat karoge na ?? tum tho uski pasand aur na pasand jaanthe hoge na.................................
akshat:- sujal ye bhi koi pooch neki baat haan i'am with you mein tumhari madat karuga.
sujal:- thanks akiii
akshat and sujal hug..........................

well here ends zindagi ke silsilay -- part 7 . hope you all liked it .
feel free to post your comments . well to know what suprise sujal has
for kashish , why akshat cannot stand piyush , who was the other woman
in sujal's life and answers for etc etc questions read the next

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PostSubject: Re: ZINDAGI KE SILSILAY- Part 14 Updated , Page 3...   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:25 pm


next day as usual kashish and sujal leave to the office . where akshat
also joins them . sujal and kashish are arguing on some matter { as i
told they both don't budge as far as their professions are concerned u
see both are indeed true professionals } .
akshat enters , he sees ;-
sujal:- kashish tum meri baat maanthi kyun nahi ho........................
kashish:- kyunki tum usi baat par ade ho..........................................
sujal:- kashish mein yahan ka conditions tum se behatar jaantha hoon......
kashish:- sujal tum na jo chahiye wo karo , mujhse se kuch mat poocho...........
akshat:- hello people , tum dono kyun lad rahe ho sarii duniyan ko bhool kar
kashish:- ye sujal lad raha hain.........
sujal:- kashish mein kahan lad raha hoon , ye tho tum ho jho meri baat nahi maan rahi hain....
{ek aur ladayi shuru hone ja rahi thi jab akshat ne keh tha hain }
bas ab ladayi band karo tum dono , tum dono tho bilkul bachcho ke jaisa
lad rahe ho . tunhe dekhar koi nahi kahega ki tum itne bade business
empire chalathe ho.......
sujal , kashish look at akshat......but they are frowning at each other
akshat:- mooh banana chod do , aur ab batao kyun lad rahe the tum dono......
sujal:- business ke legal formalities mein kuch problem aa gayi thi .
kashish:- aur mein ye chahthi thi ki wo problem mera dost slove kare.....
sujal:- aur mein chah tha hoon ki ye case tum lado { pointing at akshat }
kashish { totally suprised } :- kya tum chahtha ho ki ye case akiiiiiiii lade..........
sujal:- haan.........kyun
kashish:- kyunki mein bhi yahi chahthi thi ki ye case akiiii hi lade...... ........
intervents and says :- tum log mera liye hi ek dusare se ladayi kar
raha ho. jabki tum dono ki baat ek hi hain .
sujal:- iska matlab hum dono itne dino se kamaka lad raha the...............
kashish:- haan , hum dono hi ye chahthe the ki aki lade .
akshat:- chalo ab baat khatam . isi baat par tum dono mujhe lunch per le jao......
sujal & kashish together say :- kyunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
{play fully says } tum log kitne kangoos ho . apne dost ko lunch par
bhi nahi le ja sakhtha { makes a jhoota mutaa sad face }
sujal:- kashish kya kehthi ho , le chale isse ??????????
kaam tho bohat hain , lekin agar hum ise lekar nahi gaye tho phir ye
humme koi kaam karne nahi dega . tho isse behtar hain ki hum isse lunch
per le jaye . aur phir aake kaam khatam , kar le..........
sujal:- ok....
akshat:- good , tum dono bade hi samajdaar ho gaye ho........
sujal & kashish :- ab chale............

they reach the resturant . finish their lunch .and get back to their work.
next two days pass- by . it is the day of kashish's birthday . veena is
sitting on the table & talking to akshat . sujal comes down .
sujal:- morning mumma , akshat..........
veena & akshat :- good mortning........
veena:- chalo ab nhastha kar lo... aur ye kashish kahan par hain..........
sujal:- aki sab kuch plan ke hisab se chal raha hain na ????
akshat:-haan sujal . sab kuch plan ke hisaab se chal raha hain........ akhir use excecute kisne kiya hain
sujal raises his eyebrow asking him what does he mean.
akshat:- aur nahi tho kya is plan pe kaam AKSHAT THE GREAT kar raha hain...........................
is walking down the stairs . she has just heard akshat say his last
sentance . veena , sujal & akshat do not observe
kashish:- akiiiiiiiiiiiii tumse kitni baar kaha hain ki tum apne app ko
the great kehna chod do . { while telling all this she has walked down
the stairs & is coming towards the table } . akiiiii waise bhi
tumhare liye mere pass ek suitable naam hain.......
akshat :- aur wo kya hain ???
kashish :- wohi jo maine pehle bhi kaha tha akshat the waste...................................
sits down on the table........................while veena , sujal are
laughing at what kashish told , where as akshat is making faces.
veena:- waise kashish ajj late kyun ho gayi , tumhari tabiyat tho theek hain na ?
kashish:- nahi aunty aisi koi baat nahi , mein bilkul theek hoon..............
sujal:- kashish jaldi se nhastha kar lo humme meeting ke liye shimla se thodi door jana hain.....
kashish:- MEETING ?????????
sujal:- haan baba meeting wo mr.gill ke saath hain.....
kashish:- sujal lekin wo meeting tho agle hafthe thee na ???????
akshat slowly mumbles iski yaadhast bohat achi hainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sujal smiles and says....................
sujal:- haan lekin wo prepone ho gayi . mein tumhe batana bhool gaya............
kashish:- ok .
veena;- kashish theek se kyun nahi ka rahi ho.......
kashish:- bas aunty aise hi
mumma waise bhi kashish ka kakar moti ho rahi hain. tho isi bahane uski
thodi dieting bhi ho jayegi . akshat gives a big smile to kashish to
tease her . kashish hits him on his arm playfully .
sujal:- jaldi
karo kashish , humme jana hain . jitna hum jaldi chalege shaam ko utni
hi jaldi wapas aa sakenge........................
veena:- sujal us bechari ko khana tho kha lene do................
kashish:- nahi aunty waise bhi mera khana tho ho hi gaya hain....
chalein sujal................
sujal:- haan chalo.......
both sujal and kashish bid good - bye to veena & akshat and leave.........................
before going turns back and shows thumbs - up to akshat . akshat does
the same . { kashish does not observe this } . then they leave

car mein kashish bhujii bhujii si hain .
wo soch rahi thi :- aisa kaise ho sakhtha hain . is tarah pehle tho
nahi hua ki mom , dad , aki aur sab mera birthday bhool jaye
............. kya wo log mera birthday sach mein
bhool gaye
......... kya mein itni buriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hoonnnnnnnn { she is
making a sad puppy face while thinking all this }.
sujal:- kashish , kashish , kashish { she is not even listening } . sujal observes her and goes to her ear and YELLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS KASHISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
kashish comes out of her sochna .
kashish:- kya hua sujal , kyun cheeek rahe the.
nahi tho kya tabse bula raha hoon . sun hi nahi rahi
ho................mujhe bore lag raha hain aur tum ho ki baat hi nahi
keh rahi ho . aur mein hoon jo tabse bole ja raha hon.
kashish:- oh , sorryyyyy. tum kuch keh rahe the........
sujal:- gana sunna pasand karogi.............................
kashish:- haan..................

song starts playing :---------

" Tumse milke aisa laga........................................................ .....................................
Aisa laga tumse milke....................................................... ........................................
Armaan hua pure dil ke.......................................................... ...................................
Teri meri meri teri ek jaan hain........................................................ .........................
Saat tere rahege sada........................................................ ......................................
Apna ye wada raha........................................................ ............................................
Ab hum na hogaein juda........................................................ ..................................."

{ song from the movie parinda................}

is enjoying the song and driving where as kashish is looking at sujal
and smiling . she is thinking about how they met , fought , became
friends & now how good friends they
{are ye kya ho gaya hain ,
kashish ko sujal se pyar hone laga hain , lekin intezar karna padega
kyunki ab thak kashish ko ye patha nahi chala hain ki uske dil mein
sujal ke liye jo jazbaat hain wo pyar hain ya phir kuch

kashish is again lost . this time sujal shakes her hand and kashish says
kashish:- hmmmm ab kya hua , bolo kya kehna hain.........
sujal:- yehi kehna tha ki hum log pohanch gaye hain .
kashish sees outside & realizes that they have indeed reached gill's office . kashish
hits on her fore head lightly and then gets down....................
kashish & sujal go in . and then wait for about an hour as gill is in another meeting .

app log ye soch rahe hogein na ki gill sujal aur kashish ko wait kaise
karva saktha hain , tho ye humare sujal ka plan tha wo actually ek
ghantha jaldi aa gaya tha thaki ghar pe sare kaam aaram se ho sake } .

& sujal go to meet gill the meeting starts at around 12 and it
carries on till 3 . kashish & sujal are totally exhausted so they
decide to have their lunch & then go to the shopping mall .
sujal , kashish enter the the resturant . it is a open air resturant . they order for their food .
kashish ajj kya baat hain . tum bohat udaas lag rahi
ho..............mere saath bore ho rahi ho kya................
kashish:- kuch nahi sujal...................
sujal:- kashish dosto se koi baat kabhi nahi chupana chahiye .......
kashish:- kuch nahi sujal , bas ghar ki yaad aa rahi thiiiii...........
sujal:- chalo ab apna mood jaldi se theek karo....... warna mera bhi mood kharab ho jayega...............
kashish:- theek hain.
both smile at each other....................
food is served . both finish their lunch . they leave for the mall .
where sujal buys to red & white saree . he does not even know why
he bought it or for whom he bought it . he buys a huge teddy bear for
kashish because he sees her looking at it . { he buys all these things
when kashish is not around } .......
it is 5 & they decide to leave . { ghar pohanch ne ke liye 7 bajayege }.......
they come out of the mall & it starts raining kashish starts playing in rain & sujal also joins her .

song played in the background :-

ye chahe ye
.......................................... Bas yahi pe ruk
Samne tum raho........................................................ .................................................
Aur hum tumhe dekhe jaye........................................................ .................................
Saath din raat rahe........................................................ ............................................
Pyar ki ye baat rahe........................................................ .........................................
Thoda sa pyar hua hain........................................................ ......................................
Thoda hain baki........................................................ .................................................

{song khatam barish mein khelna khatam . now they start to leave .}

while coming back sujal & kashish keep on talking . they reach home .
kashish , sujal get down & start walking inside .
kashish:- sujal yahan ke light ko kya hua hain.....
sujal:- pata nahi dekhtha hain { he has a mischevious smile on his face }
enter the house . kashish is holding sujal's hand as she is very scared
of darkness . suddenly the hand { i mean sujal's hand } she is holding
is no longer in her hand...
she tries calling sujal when the lights are switched on & then
Together Shout

part mein party ke bare mein zaroor likugi . ye wada raha . agli part
mein thodi enjoyment karege . tho party mein kya hotha hain ? kya ye
party kashish ke liye hi ek suprise hain ya phir sujal ke liye bhi? kya
sujal aur kashish ke liye koi bohat bada suprise wait kar raha hain ??
kya sujal aur kashish achche dost reh payege . piyush kya karega ? agli
part sujal ke past life ke bare mein bhi

bataugi aur etc etc sawalo ke jawab agli part mein doongi.........

i'll be waiting for your replies.

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