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PostSubject: CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-2 (Second Story) Short ff..   Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:46 pm

Guys on the concept of “Conditional & Unconditional Love" maine ek aur
fanfic likhi hai... hope all of you like it... this is again a short
fanfic.. it will finish in one go.. enjoy reading it... please do give
me your comments..


story starts with a young handsome guy entering the college premises in
his car.. he gets down his car & as soon as he enters girl’s
surround him.. but the guy just avoids the girl’s starts walking away..
all the girls are just waiting for him to look at them once.. girl’s go
crazy when he looks at them.. the guy just starts flirting with a
girl.. when the guy is busy flirting somebody calls him…..
somebody :- sujallllllllllllllllllll………….. { she screams }
shifts his gaze towards the side from where the voice is coming…. The
girl whom sujal was flirting with get’s angry & leaves the place……
He has a irritated look on his face & he says :- what is it kashish……..
we see kashish walking up to him.. she has a high tied pony , she wears
braces & spects { like that off gauri in kutumb }.. kashish is a
very clumsy type of a girl.. she keeps tripping & falling
frequently.. she always creates problem or rather get’s stuck in
problems…. Sujal & kashish are childhood friend’s.. they have
always been together though sujal is a cool dude & extrovert ,
kashish is calm & a introvert but then both are the best of
friend’s nothing could come in between their friendship..
Kashish comes to sujal…while coming she keeps loosing her balance & tripping…
Sujal :- kashish careful .. { he tells her when he sees her falling }
Kashish :- it’s ok sujal.... I’am used to this…{ she smiles }
Sujal :- ok then let me go.. { he starts walking }
Kashish :- sujal what’s wrong with you ??
{ turns towards kashish then says } :- what’s wrong with me.. what’s
wrong with you.. you always come when I’am flirting with girl’s &
you waste all my time because those girl’s do not come to me when ur
around.. why don’t you leave me alone.. go away..
Kashish { just sees him smiles }
Sujal :- kashish now what does this smile mean..{he gets agitated }
Kashish just makes a puppy face catches are ear & very cutely say’s :- sorry…..
Sujal just looks at her & couldn’t help smiling back at her & he say’s :- I’am sorry too.. I was very rude..
Kashish smiles & then sujal , kashish share a friendly hug..
Kashish :- now let’s go.. we are getting late for the class..
sujal & kashish head to their class… this was sujal & kashish’s way of life everyday.. people in the college
girl’s } would always get jealous of the rapport which kashish shared
with sujal.. the girl’s always tried to separate sujal & kashish by
creating differences between them..
this year was the last year of
their college they are doing their M.B.A.. sujal’s family &
kashish’s family know each other for a long time they have been
business partners.. and that is why sujal & kashish know each other
from childhood & have been friend’s..
kashish likes sujal but then sujal does not know about kashish’s feelings…
the college a new student comes.. her name is alisha.. she has a liking
for sujal she wants to break sujal & kashish friendship.. sujal
& alishsa start dating each other..
one fine day towards the
end of their college sujal & kashish are talking when sujal tells
kashish :- kashish I have hidden something from u ?? today I want to
tell you..
kashish { wondering says}:- what is it sujal ??
sujal :- kashish today I’am going to propose my love
kashish smiles thinking he will tell her name & sujal continues} my
love , alisha..…I hope she accepts…he even shows her a ring which he
has brought for alisha…
kashish gets a shock… she controls her tears & sujal says :- ur happy na ??
kashish just nods..
sujal :- ok anyway I’ll just go find her & if u find please send her to me.. I’am too excited & wish me luck..
just wishes sujal & then she goes to a bench & starts crying..
now kashish sees alisha with some group of people....kashish decides to
go to alisha & tell her that sujal is searching for her…kashish
goes towards them & hears them talking… but they don’t see
alisha :- GOD now I’am tired of this.. I can’t date
sujal anymore .. he is so boring.. I have tried all my efforts to break
his & kashish’s friendship but it always fails…
one of them speaks out :- common alisha you can’t do this.. we want sujal & kashish’s friendship to break...
else speaks up :- & if sujal comes to know alisha is here just to
break his & kashish’s friendship & it was all a dare given to
alisha then he will kill us..
alisha :- hey chill guys.. leave it
to me u guys don’t worry .. he will never know that.. & now I’ll
break their friendship very soon I promise you that..
another guy
says :- both are very proud of their relationship & friendship I
want to see what happens when they get separated... now we will see how
they don’t get separated ..
alisha :- now you guys just wait & watch…
share a laugh & kashish who has heard the whole conversation is in
a state of total shock… she does not know what to do.. she is thinking
about sujal & is worried about him as she feels he will be broken
if he comes to know about the truth… kashish just leaves the place
& rushes to find sujal to tell him the truth..
kashish sees
sujal & starts walking towards him but then kashish also sees that
sujal is with alisha & is about to put the ring on her finger…..
kashish just goes towards sujal or rather runs towards sujal & she
snatches the ring from sujal’s hand & throws it.. sujal is left
sujal :- kashish what is all this ?? {sujal was getting angry }
kashish :- sujal alisha does not deserve this.. she is playing around with you sujal…
alisha starts crying fakely & says :- sujal see I told you kashish loves you & she would never let us unite…
kashish :- sujal please listen to me….alisha is not trustworthy.. plz sujal…
:- enough kashish that’s enough. you know what alisha was saying just
now alisha was telling me that may be you like me.. but then I told her
you & me are just best friend’s & nothing else but she still
cares for you.. & she feels I’ll be happier with you.. but then
look at you.. you know what kashish today I break all relations which
we share.. I was always bound to be with you because of our family
relations.. I was always there with you but today you are trying to
take my love away from me.. I will not tolerate this kashish.. from
today you are a nobody to me.. you are non-existent to me…
Kashish is astonished :- sujal but…
just slaps kashish & then walks away with alisha.. alisha while
going just looks back at kashish & gives her a triumph look to
kashish & smiles wickedly.
Kashish just keeps standing there
& is in a shattered state.. after this day sujal ,kashish always
avoid each other.. their relationship began to face the hard ships of
life.. sujal wanted to go to kashish & apologize for what all he
had told her but then sujal’s ego was not letting him he was of the
opinion that it as all kashish’s fault so she has to come to him &
apologize first…
Sujal ,kashish completed their M.B.A .. sujal
started taking part in the business activities even kashish starts
taking part in business but she finds it difficult to work with sujal..
sujal goes out of city to attend a meeting at this point of time
kashish leaves to London to handle their business in London.. sujal is
not aware of this…….
Sujal comes back & knows that kashish is
not there…. Sujal feels may be what kashish has done is right.. sujal
then keeps himself busy with his life & business.. but not a day
passes by when he does not feel kashish’s absense.. the same was the
case with kashish sujal was always on her mind in her thoughts..
still likes alisha but he is unable to understand why kashish is always
in his thoughts. it has been 8 months since kashish went to London..
goes to propose alisha for marriage but then sujal is shocked to see
alisha going around with some other guy.. sujal confronts alisha &
alisha tells him the whole truth that she was given a dare to separate
& break his & kashish’s friendship in which she succeeded in..
sujal is in a state of shock he goes to his home & thinks :- so
this means kashish was right.. it was all my fault.. I mistook her..
sujal just bangs his hand in the mirror with full of anger....
start passing by.. sujal’s care for kashish starts growing day by
day…he even starts loving her.. then one fine day kashish comes back..
kashish does not wear the spects & braces anymore & she has
left her hair open.. sujal is very happy to see her.. but then kashish
still keeps avoiding him.. sujal wants to talk to kashish &
apologize.. but then kashish does not let him too…
One day sujal , kashish go to Panchmeshwar for a meeting.. while coming back they halt at a hotel..
In the hotel there is only one room available so they decide to take it….
the room kashish just stands by the window & starts looking out at
the sky.. sujal comes to her.. kashish sees that sujal is there &
she starts to
walk off from there…. Sujal does not let her go & catches kashish’s hand….
Kashish :- sujal what is this leave my hand……
Sujal :- no I won’t.. { smiles }
Kashish :- { shouts } :- I said leave my hand….
Sujal :- no kashish please listen to me once I’am sorry for what all I have done.. I really am sorry….
:- sujal why are you apologizing to person who has no connection with
you.. I’am a nobody to you sujal.. a nobody.. { tears start flowing
down her eyes }
Kashish starts walking away when sujal again holds
her hand & says :- kash please u mean everything to me my best
friend & then he says my life my love…{he pauses & then
continues} yes kashish I love you.. I don’t know from when but I
seriously do I can’t live without you.. I know even you love me…
Kashish :- no I don’t….
Sujal :- kashish damn can’t you understand…..ur my love….I love you.. {his eyes are full of love & anger }
just pushes him away & goes.. while sujal leaves the room in
frustration… then the next day neither sujal nor kashish talk to each
other about the previous night’s happenings… they come back & again
start avoiding each other…
In the mean time of all these happenings sujal’s family & kashish’s family decide to get sujal & kashish married..
time passes by sujal aur kashish start working with each other without
avoiding each other.. they have some romantic encounters here &
there but still kashish is in a dilemma whether to accept her love
towards sujal or not..
They get married.. after the marriage
kashish is in sujal’s room sujal walks in he sees kashish standing in
the balcony.. he goes to her..
Sujal :- { slowly calls out her name } kashish…..
Kashish just looks at him once and then again looks back at the sky..
:- kashish I know you are not happy in this marriage.. I promise you
kashish u’ll never have any problem from my side.. we can always be
Sujal just extends his hand kashish thinks for a while brings her hand & then they shake hands….
start passing by.. now kashish & sujal are happy in their life..
kashish feels very secure with sujal… but then kashish hasn’t yet
confessed her love to sujal.. sujal wants kashish to confess her love
& is thinking the ways how she will confess..
Sujal &
kashish go to a party.. in the party a girl comes & asks sujal for
dance.. sujal agrees… kashish is very angry with sujal as he did not
ask her even for once.. sujal & girl start dancing & kashish
starts getting jealous.. kashish starts burning with anger &
jealousy she then decides to dance with somebody else & starts
looking for a partner.... at that time one guy who was a bit drunk
comes to her & asks her for dance.. kashish initially wants to
refuse but then she sees that sujal is seeing her so to make sujal
jealous she decides to go and dance..
Kashish & the guy go to
the dance floor & start dancing.. & this time sujal was getting
angry seeing kashish his kashish in somebody else’s arms…… the guy whom
kashish was dancing with starts misbehaving with her.. kashish has
tears in her eyes & she is trying to free herself from the person’s
grip but the person isn’t leaving her.. sujal sees this goes to the
person & bangs him black & blue.. after banging the person
sujal tries to look for kashish but she is not to be found in the
party…sujal then thinks that kashish might have gone home.. so he
leaves for home……he goes home enters his room & is relieved to see
kashish sitting on the bed & crying.. sujal goes to her & sits
in front of her….
Sujal :- kash……
Kashish just looks up at him..
Sujal :- why did you have to dance with that guy.. don’t you have brains.. { he say’s harshly }
Kashish :- { getting angry } if you have brains then why did you dance with that girl.. you din’t even ask me for a dance..
:- kashish what’s your problem ?? I’ll dance with whom ever I want.. {
he says this with purpose as he wanted kashish to confess her love }
{ anger raised to the maximum extent she went close to him caught his
collar & said } :- don’t you dare look at other women you are my
husband damn it you are my love….. can’t you understand….. {she says
still catching his collar}
Sujal { smiles } :- what did you just say…
looks at him & realizes what she has told , she leaves his collar
at once & she lowers her gaze .. sujal places his hand on her chin
& lifts her head up so that she can see him..
Sujal :-I love
you kashish….. I wanted to hear these words from you since a long time…
I really love you… you mean the entire world to me…
Kashish just sees him & goes into his arms..
sometime sujal separates her from him & say’s :- kash I have been
waiting for a long time to hear those magical words from your mouth..
please tell me you love me..
kashish just looks at him & nods
her head in a no shyly .. sujal pleads her again.. then kashish goes
close to his ear & whisper’s in his ear :- I love you…. sujal
smiles.. Sujal & kashish hug again……& they started a new life
now their love could not be broken.. their love started
growing day by day.. there were instances when both disagreed on
certain matters but at the end of the day neither sujal nor kashish
would win it would be there love which finally won… there love became
unconditional which had no place for any kind of condition… and they
lived happily ever after….

hope you liked reading it...

Surya.. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-2 (Second Story) Short ff..   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:03 pm

awwwww wowwww suri beautiful story!!! loved it completely!!! it was yet again a very different concept but writen really well!!! loved it completely!!!! gr88 job!!!


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PostSubject: Re: CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-2 (Second Story) Short ff..   Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:31 am

rajeevaamna4eva wrote:
awwwww wowwww suri beautiful story!!! loved it completely!!! it was yet again a very different concept but writen really well!!! loved it completely!!!! gr88 job!!!

me khush that you liked it summi dear.... no thankoo... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-2 (Second Story) Short ff..   Tue Dec 16, 2008 5:00 pm

hey suri it was a gr88 short FF and i really loved it!!!!


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PostSubject: Re: CONDITIONAL & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-2 (Second Story) Short ff..   

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