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 Making choices

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PostSubject: Making choices   Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:01 am

Making choices
Aamna Shariff talks to Srabanti Chakrabarti about her new film 'Aloo Chaat' with Aftab Shivdasani.

In the recent past if there has been a heroine in the Indian television industry who is strikingly beautiful, can act well and has an air of mysticism around her, it is undoubtedly Aamna Shariff. The stunning beauty quit her television career while at the nadir after her immensely successful Kaahin To Hoga to take a break and prepare herself for a career in films. While she did not get a launch vehicle as easily as Prachi Desai, after she got one she is trying to make full use of it. Aloo Chaat, directed by Robby Grewal and starring Aamna and Aftab Shivdasani is scheduled for a release soon.

Do you feel that the movement from television to films is a natural progression?

I feel it to be a natural progression, though I never intended to do television first. I always wanted to do films and entered television by chance. Ekta noticed me during a modelling assignment and offered me the role of Kashish in Kahin To Hoga. When I took up the role of Kashish few years back, it was not a saas bahu serial. I feel it was a great achievement for everyone in the team to make a serial with an 11 pm slot so successful.

<table style="FLOAT: right" valign="middle"><tr><td vAlign=center></TD></TR></TABLE>It is very difficult to get rid of the telestar tag. Unless you quit television, you will never be able to get rid of that tag. And when you quit, every second person you meet will tell you that you made a mistake. There will be a point when you get very tempting offers from the television world and feel it is better than the uncertainty in films. You require a lot of courage and mental strength to take such a decision. I got that support from my family. I have no regrets for doing television, or quitting when I was at the top of my career. I feel if I had to do films, I had to quit television.

What made you select ‘Aloo Chaat’? Tell us something about your role.

Thankfully after quitting Kahin to Hoga , I got a number of offers from films but most of them were in the saas bahu genre. Basically everyone wanted Kashish, no one was looking for Aamna Shariff the actress. But I wanted to do a role which was good and different from Kashish since expectations would be very high from me. I am thankful that I got a break in a movie like Aloo Chaat.

I am playing a Muslim girl called Aamna (smiles) in the movie. She is sweet and fun loving and comes back after completing her studies in the US and falls in love with a Punjabi boy. The story revolves around their love story. Interestingly, I could partly relate to the character.

Your pair with Aftab seems to be rocking. There is a lot of discussion in tinsel town about how good you two look as a pair in the movie. Even your pair with Rajiv Khandelwal was immensely popular. Tell us something about this magical on-screen chemistry with your heroes.

It doesn’t happen in a day or two. You have to work towards it. My chemistry with Rajeev developed over a period of time. We started together and had a great time working together. In case of Aftab, this is his 32nd or 33rd film. Obviously he is much more mature than me.

But, right from day one, Aftab created this very nice atmosphere on the sets and made me very comfortable. He is a very good human being and the on screen chemistry could develop only because of this.

You have always been a trendsetter in terms of fashion. What you wore in ‘Kahin To Hoga’ became a fashion statement in no time. Did you do anything specific to your wardrobe for this film?

(smiles) For me a part of becoming an actress is to look presentable in front of the camera. In this film, since I play the role of a US-returned girl, you will see me mostly in Western outfits. I have handpicked the dresses in consultation with my designer Anil Churian.

What next for Aamna Shariff?

I am doing another film. Let us keep the details of that secret! But let me tell you this much that I am paired with Aftab in that film as well!

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Making choices
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